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CrsCss Software came about quite by accident.  My son and daughter’s third grade teacher wanted them to practice 10 minutes of math facts each night.  So I went down to the local store to see what kind of flashcards and workbooks they had and the educational materials ranged from $10 to $20.  The biggest problem I had with them was that they did not check the answers themselves. When my daughter wanted to do her flash cards, I would have to sit there and tell her if the answer was correct or not.  That is when I came up with EDrill programs.  I thought that this process could easily be done on a computer.  After my children worked with the EDrill program, I would look over the problems they had difficulty with and concentrate my time tutoring them on the things that they did not understand. These programs have been very helpful to my children and I hope that they will be helpful to yours too.

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