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SpellingBee: K through 5th Grade

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EDrillís SpellingBee Program helps students learn their spelling words.† It contains the following features:

SpellingBee Program:

 Says the spelling word and a sentence that contains the spelling word.

 Checks the studentís spelling and tells him if he has spelled the word correctly.

 Keeps a running total of the number of times a word has been spelled correctly, incorrectly, or skipped. These totals are stored to disk and used to establish an Ignore Threshold.

 Ignore Threshold can be set to ignore those words that the student knows and allow him to concentrate on the words he does not know.

 Spelling words can be given in a fixed or random order.

 Student may select the computerís voice.

 Keeps track of correct, incorrect, and skipped spelling words, plus an overall average.

 Contains a correct and incorrect spelling word log.

SpellingBee Editor:

 Full function editor that allows you to create or modify spelling lists. These lists can be saved to disk for later use by the SpellingBee program.

 The editor allows you to enter spelling words/sentences, and view/modify the correct, incorrect, and skipped running totals.

 Editor can speak the word/sentence in the same manner that the SpellingBee program will say it to the student.

Other Features:

 Includes 600 Word 3rd Grade Spelling List, 750 Word 4th Grade Spelling List, and 750 Word 5th Grade Spelling List.

 Uses Microsoft© Speech API 5.1 to speak the spelling word/sentence. The SpellingBee program also contains the following Microsoft© voices:

Microsoft© Mary

Microsoft© Sam

Microsoft© Mike


Designed for Windows XP.

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